Who are we ?

Entrepreneur, Designer, Engineer or Developer, we have experienced all kind of Projects and we are ready to be challenged again. We'll learn your business in few weeks and with your teams we'll produce the right Product with the best eXperience.

Our Vision

Any Product (digital or not) must integrate the User eXperience, no doubt. But only a multi-disciplinary team can bring something beyond. It's not about the Design, it's about the Emotion the product/service provides.


We love technologies, Scrum, Agility, Design Thinking,.. But we're too experienced to just follow those methodologies or trends. What we deliver is the right Product with the best eXperience at the best cost, we call that spirit: InnovaXion.


How ProduXt® works

Depending on your needs, you speak to the most expert person in your field

A Digital Transformation Strategist will work with you to understand your goals, KPIs, technical needs, and team dynamics.

We build a tailor-made team suited to your project

Depending on whether your project requires a commando Product Team, better provided in User Research, Developers or Data Scientist we build for you a winning team.

It's time to start the project

We are organizing the launch together with all stakeholders and we will adapt the good practices resulting from the best methodologies (Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Scrum, Lean Startup,...) to be as efficient as possible.


here is what we will do:

No two projects are the same and that is why we are passionate about our work. Whether your industry is banking, pharmacy, neuroscience, fashion, the public sector, ... we will do the following major steps:


After understanding your ecosystem, we organize field research with your users. We pragmatically use the methods of Design Thinking, User Centric Design and Google Design Sprint. In this phase, it is possible to bring out ideas, find the right problem to address, validate or invalidate a lead.


With the insights of our research, we organize workshops made up of multidisciplinary teams to imagine solutions. Depending on the time available, our teams design paper or software prototypes with the idea of ​​validating the proof of concept. Here again, we are inspired by good practices such as Lean Startup.

Data Validation

With in-vitro + in-vivo user research and then quantitative research, we validate the product. It is likely that several iterations will be necessary but that means that we are on the right track! We can start feeding the Back-Log. Let the show begin!

You want to work with us?

Tell us more about your project:


31, Rue des Laitières, 94300 Vincennes, France